After thirteen-year-old Jacinta’s dad passes away, she shares her insight in understanding grief, and how sometimes it’s the children who are the heroes through their kindness, friendship & thoughtfulness when life isn’t a bed of roses.

Flower Thief is a book that gently shares one family’s experience of grief. It provides explanations, suggests strategies and gives examples of children’s heart-warming kindness.

The smallest things on the darkest days can make everything better

– Jacinta Olsen

About the contributors 

Amelia Olsen is a small school teaching principal who is also studying for a PhD.

Jacinta Olsen is a machinery operator and truck driver in remote locations across the top end of Australia.

Riley Olsen is a mechanic who lives on a cattle station in the Northern Territory and more recently, the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Mary Allen is a first-time illustrator and all-round awesome young lady who lives and breathes legendary kindness.

Special thanks to our friends and colleagues who work in the fields of education, guidance, psychology, social work and mental health for proofreading this book and assisting us in our own individual and collective journeys.


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