melia Olsen is a mum, author of ‘Dirt and Dust’ and ‘Flower Thief’. She is also a small school teaching principal, PhD student and Mongolian trekker.

Amelia doesn’t have hobbies, but instead launches herself into self-confessed ‘passion-projects’.

She has a Diploma of Agriculture, Bachelor of Education, Primary and Middle School (Honors), Master of Education (Leadership & Management) and is currently studying for a PhD.

Amelia has decided to take leave from her teaching-principal role in 2024 to complete her doctoral study titled ‘Creating cultural change from vulnerable to thriving in regional, rural and remote schools across Queensland’.

Riley, now a qualified motor mechanic, is working on a cattle property in the Northern Territory. Jacinta, the third amigo, and Amelia’s youngest, lives and works in Cairns, Far North Queensland.



Diploma of Agriculture

Bachelor of Education, Primary & Middle School (Honours)

Master of Education (Leadership & Management)

PhD Student (2019-2025)

listen to amelia via podcast

#neveralone hosts Joe and Mark invited Amelia to be a guest on their podcast about ‘Suicide-causes and impacts’. The podcast elaborates on some of the topics covered in the book of ‘Dirt and Dust’

Sharing this story has been a difficult balance between telling the kick-arse truth and being gentle enough for the three of us to survive our own individual lives.