Flower Thief

The smallest things on the darkest days can make everything better

– Jacinta Olsen

Amelia Olsen’s second book gently explores one family’s experience of grief. After thirteen-year-old Jacinta’s dad passes away, she shares her insight in understanding the emotions of grief, and how sometimes it’s the children who are the heroes through their kindness, friendship, thoughtfulness, being helpful and reliable when life isn’t a bed of roses.



Amelia Olsen’s debut book explores the topics surrounding suicide after the loss of her husband. The story of ‘Dirt and Dust’ is narrated by her eighteen-year-old son, Riley, on their 1,400km, seven-day motorbike ride adventure from Cairns to Cape York.

Looking over at Mum, I wondered if she was doing the same as me, literally soaking this magical place up in her own steady silence. It was an hour of my life that would be replayed in my mind over and over again. One hour of living to sustain life in the darkest and dirtiest of moments. I needed to collect them. I needed to collect more, just like that…